Jason Halstead
Terminus – A novella length introduction to exciting new Science Fiction adventures by Jason Halstead and John M. Davis<

Joy. A name had never been less fitting for anyone in the history of the universe. Joy Kowara grew up knowing nothing but fear, pain, and loneliness. The only escape she could find from a ruined life landed her in worst labor camp in the galaxy: a mining and terraforming camp on planet Opdyke.

Opdyke was a miserable planet with nothing but wind, snow, and ferocious animals eager for some fresh meat. The only valuable thing about the planet was the rich mineral veins the prisoners had to work around the clock. Death was a welcome relief from the frozen wasteland that most prisoners invariably came to look forward to.

When the ice wolves called ferren slipped through the fence and came for Joy, she knew she had to make a decision: surrender to their savage fangs and be done with her life, or fight back and find a way to escape the miserable planet. It was that simple. She only had to decide whether today was her day to die.

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Ghost Planet
John M. Davis
Opdyke is known as the Ghost Planet for good reason. Those who are forced to terraform the icy planet never leave. When Val Lucas finds himself on the prison train bringing fresh souls to the labor camp, he has other plans. Earning the trust of several within the camp, they begin to formulate their escape. Now, it's a matter of surviving the frigid weather, packs of ferren (ice wolves) and the Continuum soldiers who will hunt them. That's only the beginning.

True adventure awaits them in the celestial stars above.

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