Joy Kowara
Joy's lineage traces back to Indonesia and Asia. 1.65 meters tall and 47kg. Thick black hair that mostly runs straight. Green eyes. Skinny/wiry body with an almost average bust that looks big on her because of her small frame. Joy was a psychic who was flushed out of the training after enduring the procedure. She managed to disguise what abilities she has so she could be relegated to menial labor. She possesses some limited empathic abilities that function mostly subconsciously. When she gets overwhelmed, she turns to alcohol and other recreational substances to forget about them—and she gets overwhelmed a lot.

Cryn Decker
Caucasian United Realms (formerly United Kingdom) lineage. 1.7 meters tall and 72kg. Brown hair, naturally wavy and prone to being frizzy in humidity. Broad shouldered but not fat, Cryn is strong due to background and regular attempts to keep in shape. Cryn was a bounty hunter who would take almost any risk if the reward was high enough, including searching for wild talent psychics.

Taylor Spanner
Caucasian British lineage. 1.62 meters tall and 69kg. Shaggy dirty-blond hair that looks darker because of dirt. Brown eyes. Short but strong thanks to leverage and the trouble he finds himself in. He's got a problem with understanding ownership–he can't stop himself from stealing things that catch his interest—even from friends. He has no problem returning them when asked or caught (most of the time). Sometimes he doesn't even realize he does it.

Tor Mathews
Caucasian American lineage. 1.78 meters tall and 87kg. Former security chief for the Gordani Resort in the Kinton system until an executive-level cover-up framed him and ended up getting him signed up to a Continuum labor detail. He's pissed off at how hard he worked and how hard he's fallen. He wants his life back, but he's intelligent and patient enough to know when to wait and when to act.

Jinx Mathews
Antarian with mocha-colored skin and black hair. 1.72 meters tall and 73kg. Jinx is a former model and spokesperson for the Gordani Resort. Her cool head and ability to charm the socks of virtually anyone was what shocked her friends and family when she blew up about what happened to her husband, Tor. Her no-holds-barred outbursts during his downfall earned her the opportunity to spend the rest of her life at his side—in a labor camp.

SH3771—or Shelly as she's known on the ship—is a synthetic human. She is one of the newest models, with a top-end artificial intelligence, a flexible lightweight metal alloy skeleton, and living tissue making up the rest of her body.

Shelly has a single port on the back of her head where artificial flesh hides a port for recharging and control buttons. She does require nutrients for the nourishment of her organic parts, which is typically a custom-tailored shake. She can eat and drink normal food and beverages and use that, with the unnecessary calories and macronutrients, to recharge her power cells. Excess food is destroyed.

Like all synthetic humans assigned to ships, their long-term memory is stored on the ship they service. They perform maintenance tasks on the ship to keep the systems running optimally, as well as any maintenance. They are also capable of assisting in repairs. Finally, a synthetic human (also called a synth) serves as a steward/stewardess for anyone on the ship, although their primary commander is the ship's captain.

Scott Taylor
1.75m (5'9"), 100kg (220lb). Reddish brown hair (shaved short), green eyes. Very muscular thanks to growing up on a 1.2g planet. He and his sister were found after 8 years of surviving by themselves by a science outpost at the age of 16 with his (pregnant by him) younger sister, Emily. They were separated and he was raised by the Continuum. He's now a Corporal in the Continuum space corps and 20 years old.

Emily Taylor
1.65m (5'5"), 50kg (110lbs). Reddish brown hair (short / pixieish). Very strong in spite of looking underfed / malnourished due to a psychologically induced low appetite. Maya and her brother were stranded for 8 years on a 1.2g planet before being found by a science outpost at the age of. She was pregnant by him and taken by the Continuum. They aborted the fetus and sterilized her before enrolling her forcefully into a special series of experiments designed to try and help them learn more about psychic powers. She's never fully developed empathic or communicative powers but she has developed some wicked telekinetic skills, as well as morally bankrupt due to the rage within her at her forced separation from the only calming influence she ever had in life even before the torture began.

Val Lucas
Caucasian American lineage. 1.88 meters tall and 102kg. Typical brush cut of a soldier who's been thrown into the stable of slaves to mine against his will. He's done nothing close to prison time before and it shows. He stays to himself and immediately shows the ability to sketch his ass off when he's not slaving or haggling for the food he needs in order to survive.

A Bellarian who towers over most humans. He's a former military pilot who was churned out by the system because of his nature of asking too many questions. Very strong and barrel chested, but without the rippling muscles of a man with little body fat. In general, he hates humans but has been known to make exceptions.

Eddie Tasko
Affectionately known by no one but himself as the “Taskmaster.” He's thin as hell and the only thing that's kept him alive is his ability to hustle and con his ass off. He's formerly a civilian mechanic. Eddie has accepted the quality of life mindset and by appearance is greasy. From the locks of his long, black hair to the tips of his worn civilian jeans and shirt, he's just a dirty middle-aged bag of bones with a hankering to throw curse words out in bulk.

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