Escape from Earth

2277 - Humanity has managed to use their technology to explore their solar system and establish colonies on multiple planets, moons, and even space stations. Mars and Venus have been terraformed as far as their environments allow, granting growing local cultures and opportunities. Felderite is discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

A couple of years passes before scientist Tyler Dodsen has a pretty reckless idea to experiment with the chemical on himself. The interaction with his nervous system causes severe synaptic reactions. When he recovers a week later, he is convinced he stepped outside of time and space and was able to step outside of his body. He obtains private funding for further research.

The Gifted are Created

2289 – Doctor Dodsen's research has allowed him to create the first Gifted person. The process of refining felderite into crystals that are injected into the bloodstream has advanced to the point that one out of one hundred and twenty volunteers returned to full consciousness and exhibited enhanced mental capabilities. The first Gifted, Angelo Dovani, possessed a limited form of extra sensory perception that allowed him to sense the moods and surface thoughts of those around him. The side effects included everything from crippling headaches to moodiness and periods of catatonia. Mr. Dovani lived sixteen months after his procedure was performed; meanwhile, further tests continue to take place on other subjects.

Refining the Gifted

2298 – The process for creating Gifted has been refined, allowing only subjects considered sensitive to be attempted. The lifespan of those surviving the process has increased significantly, speculating possible full normal life-spans or perhaps even enhanced life-spans for those in control of their autonomous nervous systems, as some exhibit. Gifted abilities have grown and may include limited telekinetic abilities, extra sensory perception (both empathic and surface thoughts), pushing thoughts to other Gifted or sensitives (in one case), and control over the Gifted's autonomous nervous system. Other abilities are expected with time.

First Contact

2300 – An alien space ship bearing a humanoid (and human-like) race known as the Antarians contacts the human race at their Deep Space Research and Listening Station, near Uranus. Over the course of the next two years, humanity is introduced to the variety of alien races in the Milky Way and agrees to share the resources of Sol so that they can join the ranks of the Continuum. FTL travel and a great many technological advancements are made available to humanity.

The Continuum

2302 - Dr. Dodsen accompanies his founders and shows off the Gifted, which is hailed by the Continuum as humanity's greatest achievement. A lucrative deal is made behind the scenes, drawing the founders of the Gifted into the ranks of the Continuum. The Gifted become a part of the galactic government, answering only to the Continuum. Dr. Dodsen accompanies them for several years until he grows disappointed with the direction the research is headed and how his subjects are being used. He retires in 2307 but his ship is lost when the felderite crystals fail during a FTL passage to where he hoped to retire on Earth.

The United Realms is Formed

2314 – Earth's United Kingdom begins to terraform a new system and renames itself the United Realms. The monarchy is moved to the United Realms capital planet, Britania. The island of Britain on Earth remains part of the United Realms as a tourist attraction, vacation housing, and retirement community.


2402 – Humanity has fully integrated with the races of the Continuum. Local governments remain, but the Continuum rules as an interstellar government organization and is supported by their massive fleet, army, and the ever growing ranks of the Gifted.

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