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A New Release of a Different Typ

Yes, I’m still writing. My releases have been focusing on my Patreon site. In fact, I’ve been expanding my Science Fiction offerings with expanding my Bloom Chronicles universe with some feisty pirates and doing more fantasy with a lot of expansion in the World of Kroth. Oh, and Dark Earth / The Lost Girls – […]

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Drone War

Hey kids, young and old, I’ve got a new release on the virtual bookshelves. It’s in the Vitalis series (sci-fi, aliens, exploration / colonization, pseudo-magical crystals, and all that comes with it). Vitalis: Drone War picks up a little while after Vitalis: Reloaded ends, on the planet Cupid several light years away from Earth. There’s […]

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Why did I walk in here?

We’ve all had that moment where you walk into a room to find… something. Damn, I sure wish I knew what it was? Car keys? No. Cell phone? Nope. Sunglasses… yes! Now where.. oh, hanging from my shirt. Found ’em! Yesterday was like that for me, except it wasn’t any of the above, it was […]

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Nobody Rung the Bell Yet

It’s been ages since I’ve written a blog post, I know. Shame on me, I know. I should write them more often… yeah, I know that too. I certainly have enough random thoughts to warrant more blog posts… but some of those thoughts might get me in trouble so I try to keep those to […]

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Shame on Me

I’m overdue on a newsletter. Long overdue. Two books overdue, in fact… although I could argue it’s more than that. I’ve been focused on my Patreon subscribers, you see, and both of these books have been available to them for quite a few months now. Matter of fact, there’s another book they have access to […]

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I’m Not Dead

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted on my blog. Shame on me, I know. I’ve been busy though. Promotion at work and still writing and a laundry list of other excuses that sound perfectly good to me. Whatever, I know. So why now? Well, I feel like I’m losing out a little on interacting with […]

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The End is Here

Here’s the important part up first: Voidhawk – Church of the Void, is live and available for sale! Well, it’s been available on Patreon for about a month, but now it’s available everywhere. More importantly, it’s the last one. Not my last book! But it is the end of the Voidhawk series. Twelve years ago […]

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For Every Rule…

…there’s an exception. What goes up must come down unless it leaves orbit. I before E except after C. The only constants in life are death and taxes – okay, no exceptions there. But here’s a new one, artificial intelligence development is banned universally by all sentient species… unless you’re Nyx Bloom because she’s smart […]

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Dark Metal

I mentioned this a couple weeks back – now it’s out in the world and waiting to be read! Dark Metal, book 9 in the Dark Universe setting by yours truly. Dark Metal picks up a little while after Under the Dark ends. Mirabel and Challee are both part of Aden’s crew on board Aden […]

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Why Patreon?

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me, why Patreon? Why switch over to that platform? Okay, I’m lying. Nobody’s asked me. But maybe they’ve wondered. Maybe they’ve wanted to but their sink sprang a leak right as they were about to reach out. Or aliens… you know, abductions… hey, it could happen! Whatever […]

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