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Follow the group of brave survivors as they fight to survive pirates and hostile alien life on an undiscovered planet beyond the fringes of human controlled space. They must not only learn to adapt and survive the deadly threats of Vitalis, but learn to work with each other and protect their interests against the off-planet humans that seek to plunder Vitalis for their own interests regardless of the costs.

Available now:

Vitalis: Resurrection

Vitalis is more than just a new world outside the fringes of Terran space, Vitalis is greater than anything humanity has ever encountered. And it's getting fed up.

The time has come for humans living on the world to be judged. What better way to understand the colonists than to become one of them and see how they live, fight, and love?

Available now:

Vitalis: Provenance

The human race has many traits. Among them are compassion, greed, violence, and curiosity. The survivors on Vitalis have embody these qualities and more, and Vitalis has been watching.

She has learned how to use humanities quirks to Her advantage and when researchers come hoping to study the miracles the planet has to offer they return with more than they expected.

The human colonists of Vitalis have learned that in order to survive they must adapt and become a part of the world they now live on. If Vitalis has Her way the rest of humanity will soon be forced to follow in their footsteps.

Available now:

Vitalis: Genesis

Research Station Europa is a small outpost of humanity exploring the possibilities of life on Europa. Dr. Winters and his team expected their discoveries of life to come from beneath the planet's icy crust, not from the abandoned Vitalian crystals caught in the Jovian moon's gravity well.

The researchers are soon faced with a new problem to solve: can they survive the alien infestation that is bringing the moon alive around them?

Available now:

Vitalis: Invasion

Leona Montessori left a life of violence for one promising happiness, stability, and a family. A life to be envied, working security for the executives of a major corporation with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest still on the surface of Earth.

All that changed when the unknown ship crashed and the Army garrison was activated. Using her forgotten training she teams up with an unlikely partner in Astra Redmond, an inter-stellar superstar. Astra's got her own hidden agenda though, a reunion with her lost twin-sister that was a passenger on the spaceship.Meanwhile Klous, the human leader of the Vitalians that escaped the wreckage and butchered the Army platoon, gets ready to wage a war for the fate of Earth.

Available now:

Vitalis: Chrysalis

Jasmine Sinclair is a 14 year old little girl with a genetic disease that rarely allows anyone to live past the age of 11. Her time is up and no amount of money or medicine can keep her alive. All that remains is the wild hope of an impossible cure on a world known throughout the Terran Coalition only through rumor and superstition. A world where Jasmine's father wants her to come and join him.

With the colonists fighting for her survival will Jasmine find a cure, or become the latest casualty of the growing war against humanity?

Available now:

Vitalis: Communion

The aliens have landed. They are among us and they are becoming part of us. They are bigger, stronger, and unchecked by notions of morality and civility. Even worse— they're led by a human with a fondness for eco-terrorism. She plans to remake the earth into the biological miracle it was before humans learned to walk on two feet.

Humanity's hope rests in reserve duty police officer and a pop-star with a self-admitted addictive personality disorder. Their plan is to turn the alien technology against Kimber, but there's a storm of biblical proportions coming and they've still got to convince the Terran Coalition that they're on the same side.Vitalis has come to earth, and it's come to stay.

Available now:

Vitalis: Commandos

Humanity fears change. Earth has been lost to the spreading alien infection from Vitalis – an infection that mutates and enhances everything it touches all the way down to the genetic level. The infection is contained, but at the cost of quarantining the entire planet of Earth and millions of faultless people that are desperate for a cure.

But it's a cure the best scientists are nowhere near to finding. That leaves one option. Containment and control, and that's why Lance Corporal Carmin Mendez is being given her last chance to avoid throwing her life away. The Terran Coalition of Systems is putting together a top secret unit of unique special operators intended to learn about the contagion and find a way to deal with it.

For a group of people with no future, the only way is forward. If they can survive the training and learn to get along with each other. And when they think they're finally ready, the real test will begin. Vitalis is waiting.

Available now:

Vitalis: Valkyries

Vitalis is too much. The best equipment, training, and enhancements the Terran military could provide weren't enough to master the planet or stop the alien invasion. The military had failed where simple civilians and social rejects had thrived. The Terran Coalition needed a new plan.

Instead of their best, they sent their worst. From the depths of their military they pulled the troublemakers, the underperformers, and the worthless. They gave them minimal training, surplus equipment, and a mission no one expected them to survive. Instead of proving they were mightier than Vitalis, they became a part of Vitalis and used it to make them stronger.

Now they have a new mission. They have to return to Earth, where Vitalian contagion has spread. The planet is doomed without protection and guidance. Leadership that Lieutenant Simms and his team of Commandos has been tasked to provide, no matter what the plans the survivors on Earth might already have.

Available now:

Vitalis: Miss Fortune

The year is 2223 and terraforming a dying planet, according to thirteen year old Tessa, sucks. Unfortunately for her, wishes do come true…

Thirteen years later Tessa is a new woman in more ways than one. Her fear of living a simple life of a farmer is a forgotten nightmare. In its place she does miscellaneous jobs that her partner and father figure arranges. Jobs that either skirt the grey areas of interstellar law or completely break it. Her life is lucrative and exciting, but also dangerous. And lonely.

A new job, rumored to be her father's last, promises one last run with a more valuable payout than ever before. Enough to get her father the medical help he needs and to set them up for life. The only things stopping them from cashing in is trying to understand what all the fuss is about the strange glowing alien crystals and keeping her newest mark from figuring out too much about her before it's too late.

Available now:

Vitalis: Reloaded

In the year 2175 the planet Vitalis is still 33 years from being discovered. the Terran Coalition of Systems controls all of the known systems… and not everybody is happy about it. Some plot rebellions while others become pirates and raiders. Still others, those with the political clout and financial backing to do so, find another way. They've joined forces and bank accounts to express their displeasure with the status quo much like the colonists of earth's history did: they're starting over.

71 years later the colonization ship Aphrodite discovers a promising world. A world unlike anything the colonists have ever heard of before: a world with life on it. An expeditionary force is put together and sent to the planet's surface to examine the small jungle and the lake it surrounds.

The universe is a cold, dark, and inhospitable place. To survive a species must overcome hardship and long odds. Competition for resources is merciless and if the colonists want to succeed, they need to convince an alien world to share.

Available now:

Vitalis: Nest

Motor City has a new kind of automation. An assembly line that pumps out fully enhanced soldiers cloned from the genetic legacy of the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. These warriors with only one mission: protect the Mother at any expense. The unwitting people living in around Detroit are threats.

Bolan Hill is the first survivor of this new breed of soldier. As chaos is unleashed on Detroit Bolan will stop at nothing to get back in the action to make sure what happened to his team doesn't happen to anyone else. The Army can't be everywhere though, and stopping the threat coming from the depths of Lake St. Clair is going to take more than determination and survivor's guilt.

Lucky for Bolan, Detroit's problem is everyone's problem. Carmin Mendez and her team of Valkyries aren't the first on the scene, but with Bolan to guide her, she plans on making sure she's the last.

Available now: