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Sergeant First Class Carl Waters left the army behind before the bomb went off in L.A. He lived off the grid, avoiding the fallout from the bombs and the Burnout Fever that ravaged the world. With the occasional trespasser to keep his skills sharp, life was smooth and settled and exactly how he wanted it.

All that changed when three stragglers showed up that he didn't have the heart to turn away. Two children led by a shepherd who had lost her own way, Carl felt the sins of his past had finally come calling. Especially when it turned out the children had their own demons in pursuit.

On the run once again, they must survive the North American badlands, an enemy with unlimited resources, and each other. Ultimately it will come down to Carl to decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice for the safety of his charges.

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Ice Princess

Tanya Kurkova is still wanted. This time her father has sent a new hunter after her to make sure the technology used to rebuild won't be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. This time the hunter has the same technology plus years of experience and unlimited resources.

What he doesn't have is a clear memory of the last year of his life. The answers to his questions lie in the desolate wilderness of southeastern Utah.

For Tanya once escape becomes impossible only one option remains: revenge.

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The U.S. government has reclaimed the abandoned western states but the law remains the province of whoever has the biggest gun. Life was good, if boring, for retired special forces operator Carl Waters and his wife Jessie until she received an offer to reprise her acting career and star in a new role. When a hired gun tries to kill Jessie on the set of her new movie they discover that their new found fame is not the blessing they'd hoped for.

Carl has to defend his family from the loose ends of their old lives. That, or avenge them.

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Federal Marshal Carl Waters has teamed up with his daughter, a Deputy Marshal herself, to infiltrate a drug, weapons, and human trafficking organization while dealing with threats to his family. A simple case of climbing the ladder of a criminal organization is never a simple case. Especially when an old friend has a breakdown and hires professional killers to come after his loved ones.

Serial killers, Mexican drug lords, hired assassins, and old grudges turned sour. Without all this diversity Carl wouldn't know what to do with himself!

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Tom had seen the worst of war. He'd been part of a crew that struggled to save the lives of countless men and women while working search and rescue. Now he was a survivor — one of the last of his team — and he wished he could forget it all. The dreams that forced him back in the belly of the Army chopper wouldn't let him.

When the phone call came letting him know he was officially the last survivor he lost more than just another brother, he lost a part of his soul. His pistol began to be less of a protector and more of a threat. The funeral of his brother in arms was the one last thing he had to do. After that, nothing would matter.

Tom thought he'd left the war behind, not that it would follow him home. Nobody warned him he'd need to serve one more mission, or that the people calling him to duty would be a grizzled veteran and his beautiful, and quirky, daughter.

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