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The Lost Girls

The only thing hotter than the summers in Phoenix is the temper of a police detective who can’t figure out why young girls keep disappearing. Katalina Wimple is that detective. Her obsession with the missing girls makes her the best person for the job, but it also serves as a refuge from the problems in her own life.

Battling her own demons offers coincidences impossible to ignore. Rescuing the missing girls will require Kat figuring out how much coincidence is too much, as well as fighting her desire for what she can’t have.

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Katalina Wimple ran out of bad guys to chase. She found love and peace hand in hand and nothing seems impossible… until the one-that-got-away shows up in need of help.

Her new case takes her through the portal to Dark Earth where she’s expected to save a man with a shady past. She’ll face not only mythology and folklore in the flesh, but a relationship strained to the point of no return by an old flame that burns brighter than ever.

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An all expenses paid vacation to Dark Earth to see how wild the west really was seems too good to be true. The CEO of a biotech company’s family is attacked by natives and one of their number held for ransom.

Lieutenant Katalina Wimple is the perfect woman for the case. Not only does she have the experience, the skills, and the friends with the right talents, but it turns out she has a distant relationship to the kidnapped victim. In order to do the job she has to put personal tragedy aside and return to the world she hates in the hopes of not only rescuing her estranged family, but finding the acceptance that’s missing in her own life.

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Black Widow

For Katalina Wimple the memories of a lifetime of struggle can disappear in a moment of bliss. They can also come crashing back in when she’s confined in a cold, dark tomb at the mercy of the knife of a new kind of killer.

Katy’s new case puts in unfamiliar territory. This time it’s a man who’s been hurt. A man from her past that she once admired. To solve this case Katy has to find peace with her past and find a killer with more reason to hate than even she has.

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Katalina Wimple's been fighting monsters since she was trapped in a dark basement as a teenager. Twenty seven years later she's still fighting them, but this time she does it to shine light into the dark basements of her foster kids.

But the darkness is looking back. Katalina has to come out of retirement when her past comes back to haunt her. Disappearing friends are only the beginning of her problems. When one of her fosters is put in danger there's nothing Katalina won't do to stop the monster out to hurt them, even if it kills her.

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Amelia Foster makes a lot of bad choices. She's the hero of her own story, but her story has her caring for her ten year old brother and living in a homeless shelter in downtown Phoenix. For her, high school takes a backseat to working as an amateur contractor at a club most nights — it's the only way she can make enough money to try and save up for a better life for her and her brother.

Barely getting by takes a turn for the worse when she makes another bad choice and falls in with the wrong kind of friend. She's hurt and on the run from some dangerous people. She's a witness to multiple murders and the organization that's after her doesn't leave loose ends, even if it means kidnapping a child and using them as leverage to catch her.

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Bling 2.0

Amelia is back and better than ever — she's been upgraded. Her apartment, her lifestyle, her skills, her enhancements, and her problems. Only the best for someone who's new job is obeying the whims of the boss's wife: a woman in charge of a family that that not too long ago she'd been trying to hide from.

There is one constant in Amy's life though - things never go the way she plans them. Protecting a woman that has sworn to ruin her might be the least of her problems. As the newly promoted head of security for the entire Martinez family's safety it's her job to keep them safe in a place where safety hasn't been invented yet. The Martinez's are headed to Dark Earth, where Amy was born and exiled from because of her differences.

But chaos has always been Amy's dance partner and this time around is no exception. She has to keep her boss, his demanding wife, their two daughters, and her own brother safe while trying to uncover the new threats Dark Earth has for them. Mix in a little bit of digging into who and what she really is, as well as trying to find out what happened to her parents, and she's on a fast track to a mental breakdown... if the spirits don't break her body down first.

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Bling 3.0

Medicine in the year 2073 can handle broken bones, gunshots, and most damage the human body can receive. It cannot replace a missing brother.

Protecting the Martinez family meant abandoning her brother on the world of her birth, Dark Earth. She made that choice and saved the lives of two innocent children and the woman who loved her... but at what cost?

The Martinez family will have to protect themselves. Amy's brother has been taken hostage by the enemy and there is nothing on this world or the other that will stop her from finding him. Not even the threat of a pandemic or who — or what — might be behind it.

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