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Joy. A name had never been less fitting for anyone in the history of the universe. Joy Kowara grew up knowing nothing but fear, pain, and loneliness. The only escape she could find from a ruined life landed her in worst labor camp in the galaxy: a mining and terraforming camp on planet Opdyke.

Opdyke was a miserable planet with nothing but wind, snow, and ferocious animals eager for some fresh meat. The only valuable thing about the planet was the rich mineral veins the prisoners had to work around the clock. Death was a welcome relief from the frozen wasteland that most prisoners invariably came to look forward to.

When the ice wolves called ferren slipped through the fence and came for Joy, she knew she had to make a decision: surrender to their savage fangs and be done with her life, or fight back and find a way to escape the miserable planet. It was that simple. She only had to decide whether today was her day to die.

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Frozen Dreams

Tor and his wife, Jinx, were rising stars at the Gordani Interstellar resort until fate conspired against them. Corporate greed needed a scapegoat. Justice demanded a show. Tor and Jinx were the perfect victims.

The Mathews are the latest of the steady stream of laborers shipped to Opdyke, a frozen wasteland of a planet known for two things: brutal living conditions and an abundance of the most valuable ore in the galaxy. A prisoner's life is measured in weeks or months, not years. For the Mathews to survive their ten year sentence they must do more than learn the system and live by the rules, they have to escape.

Trained as a security chief and no educated as a criminal, Tor had the skills needed to escape. He needed more than skills though, he needed a ship. Of coure a ship without a crew is another short term life sentence in space, so he needed people he could trust. People he had to pick from a collection of the galaxy's worst criminals sentenced to death.

The final ingredient the Mathews needed was an opportunity. A distraction. Some means of allowing them to evade the guards, survive the unforgiving wilderness, and finding a ship capable of escaping the planet and any pursuit that might follow. And they had to do it before one of the psychic torturers known as the Gifted began their routine inspections.

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Dauntless picks up the action-packed Terminus science fiction series where Frozen Dreams left off. This time the crew must save an unruly princess from a solar system-wide civil war. A simple escort and run job — what could go wrong?

The Nelanian culture is based on aggression, war, and battling with themselves. Everybody’s got a stake in the war — profits and power to be had. Betrayal and sacrifice are justified under the pretense of the Greater Good. Earning a slightly dishonest paycheck has never been seemed so admirable.

Even the Princess Tor has been contracted to save has her own agenda… an agenda that doesn’t take Tor, his crew, or his ship into consideration. When escape is no longer an option there’s only one way left to get the job done. There’s no right or wrong side to this war, just a winning side. That’s the side Tor intends to be on.

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