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Devil's Island

Sam Mendez had the life other people dreamed about-- in nightmares. Sam survived Afghanistan with a prosthetic leg and nightmares that wouldn't let him sleep. He came home to a broken home and a wife and kids that didn't want him anymore. The only friends he had left were Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

Tamara was a girl without a past and, if Sam hadn't stumbled across her during a morning jog, no future. He helped her back to health and gave her a place to stay until she could remember who she was and why she'd washed up on the beach.

That's when the weird things started happening. Things like Sam making friends and Tamara falling in love with him. He knew it was only a matter of time until the scales of justice tipped and somebody came for them. And when they did, can he protect Tamara, or will she prove to be the guardian angel he suspects she is?

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Devil's Rising

Andy was a kid with a missing father. Allen was a father that often went missing. One a geek, the other a warrior, the two have nothing in common except their amazing abilities to run into
trouble with demons. Brought together by a man with an unknown past and motives, they must fight to end the demon hordes ravaging the southeastern United States.

If the odds aren't bad enough, even the entire Host of Heaven won't be able to save them if Tam'rah, the daughter of Satan, gives birth to her unholy offspring.

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Devil's Dance

A year has passed since the last attempts to close the portal to Hell failed. In spite of no longer being at the top of the food chain humanity continues to struggle to survive.

Andy has come into his legacy, protecting those he loves with the very power that could destroy them all. His friends are struggling to find allies in the fight against the demon horde, but can they trust the remnants of the United States government? Alex struggles to accept her new life after being rescued from the demon queen's grasp, but she knows it's only a matter of time until her Mistress finds her again.

Tam'rah's son, the prince of darkness, is coming into his own and threatening to destroy everything the world has left to offer. Humanities efforts have failed. Neither an attack led by an angel or a nuclear strike were capable of dislodging the demonic forces. With nothing left to fight back with, humanity has only one option remaining: they have to fight fire with fire.

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