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Too young and naïve to care about the tensions between nations, Dexter Silverhawk considered himself the luckiest man alive when he found a derelict voidship hidden amongst some asteroids. Making it void-worthy and finding a crew to sail it seem like minor problems when he ends up in a Federation prison.

Rotting in a communal cell, Dexter's luck shows a fickle side when a mysterious elven woman is thrust into into his life. Helping her fend off an assault Dexter quickly learns that her mind and her tongue are weapons against which he has little defense. Unable to resist, he hires her at the first opportunity.

Surviving both politics, sorcery, and even ancient curses will force the growing crew of the Voidhawk to put aside their differences and work together. What remains for the young captain is the lessons of when to heed his mind, and when to heed his heart.

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Voidhawk - The Elder Race

The Voidhawk has survived power struggles, pirates, slavers, and even ancient sorcery. The ship and crew have earned a break from the action. A vacation that soon turns to neglect and boredom.

Saving Dexter and his crew from the doldrums of an honest living, the elves have returned seeking retribution. It's fight or flight time for Dexter and Jenna,
and fighting against the entire elven armada makes for long odds.

With the rest of the crew refusing to abandon the unlikely couple what awaits is a voyage through space and time to a world forgotten by the void. The secrets
they must uncover will pit not only elf against elf in a bloody civil war, but
threaten to shatter the Voidhawk's crew forever.

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Voidhawk - Redemption

Having left the ship and crew behind, Rosh has spent years alone in the void, working for the highest bidder. Plagued by memories of his former friends, lessons learned, and loves lost the cursed warrior struggles to find a purpose for his enduring existence.

Stumbling into a plot to usurp a throne, Rosh inadvertently becomes the master of a powerful demoness. Unable to rid himself of her for fear of what she might do to the rest of the world, Rosh is forced to bring her with him and attempt to teach her the difference between right and wrong. The irony of having been on the receiving end of those same lessons himself not so long ago is not lost on him.

As the impossible happens and the demoness seeks to learn new ways to please her Master, Rosh'es inner demons prove to be no less a threat. Before the warrior is ready a new danger awaits on a battlefield he has spent his entire life avoiding.

Available now:

Voidhawk - The White Lady

The people of Kelios have an unlikely group of saviors in a cursed priest, a confused sorceress, and a woman with a damaged soul trapped in the body of a teenage girl.

The three members of the Voidhawk's crew came to Kelios seeking council with an powerful race of beings called the Fayer. Along the way they run afoul of the unholy army of The White Lady and vow to stop her. The only problem is that the answers to Bekka's problems may come from the very being they're determined to destroy.

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Voidhawk - Lost Soul

The new Empress of the elves thought the only thing standing in the way of prosperity for the reunited Elven Empire were the scattered elven rebels that clung to their racist ways. Progress seemed slow but certain until an old enemy emerges from the past.

Beset by potential foes from every angle and unsure of who they can trust, the crew of the Voidhawk is near the end of their luck. Outnumbered by beings beyond their power, even the greatest sacrifice may not be enough to keep the void safe and return what was lost.

Available now:

Voidhawk - The Edge of Forever

A mysterious encounter in the void has left the crew of the Voidhawk separated and enslaved. With only a handful of friends remaining, Jenna must take control of the Voidhawk and race against time to rescue her husband and stop a new danger from being unleashed on the void.

Jenna's quest to find her missing husband and friends takes her beyond the edge of the void into a place where time has no meaning. She must solve the riddle of light and battle madness itself before can choose which members of her family will live, and which will die.

Available now:

Voidhawk - Broken Shards

Smuggling weapons and stealing religious artifacts feels like business as usual to Dexter and his crew. Just another day in the void sailing between worlds. Until they meet a peculiar troll with a message of doom. There's a new threat on the horizon, and not just to them and the void, but to their entire realm of existence. And, in an accidental sort of way, it looks like it's their fault.

Stopping the unstoppable will require a trap that has long been forgotten and the help of friends that they've yet to meet. Beyond that, stopping this beast that lives beyond the limits of known time and space will require a special magic that to equal that of the monster's. Such power does not come without price.

Known for cheating death, Dexter and his friends face an enemy and a fate that they cannot escape.

Available now:

Voidhawk - Fallen Goddess

Knowing the truth and understanding it don't always go hand in hand, even for an eternal being. Volera believed she'd seen it all until she discovered something new and impossible. Something about herself that defied the rules of the void. Something she would leave everything behind for in order to understand.

For Dexter and the crew of the Voidhawk there's no such thing as an ordinary day. They sail a wooden ship with magical sails through the void between worlds. Fantastical and impossible are words they've grown numb too. In fact, the days where there's no pirates, elves, dragons, or demons scheming to kill them are the days the captain fears the most.

The only thing that can disturb a crew that's sailed beyond the edges of the void is being double crossed and having a job turn sour. Add to that a sudden twist in the fabric of reality where the bodies of the dead rise up as soon as they fall.

With so much going wrong in the void, The Voidhawk takes it upon themselves to be the heroes once again. Double crossing the man that double crossed them is only the first step. They still have to figure out a way to put things right in the void. But to put the dead to rest and leave them there will require getting his ship and crew in order along the way.

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Voidhawk - Queen of Spiders

Life in the void between stars is never dull. With barely any time between tragic events that left the Voidhawk reeling, a new opportunity for adventure is upon them. A stranded ship with a cargo all the more precious for its unwholesome nature. And Volera, the demon that dreamed she was a woman that dreamed she was something more, has just laid claim to it.

Volera's twice stolen prize is coveted by many, and is soon thrice stolen, prompting a frantic quest to retrieve it. Failure promises not only hardship for the people of Port Trios, but the entire void in years to come.

With darkness and despair looming as the outnumbered and outmatched crew of the Voidhawk sail against the odds again, Dexter's own heart isn't in the fight anymore. The loss of his wife has left a hole in his soul that no prize can fill. Yet a ship needs its captain, and the captain must put aside his grief or it will consume him. And a ship without a captain is no good against a growing fleet of giant intelligent spiders led by a bloodthirsty queen.

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