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Human Nature

Dawn Vincent had goals and a plan for her life. She delivered babies for a living and dreamed of one day having some of her own with her soon-to-be husband. That changed the day fire rained down from the sky.

Over a year later, with the remnants of humanity scrambling to survive, Dawn established herself as a doctor who spent more time fixing bullet wounds than runny noses. Buried in her work to avoid the painful memories of her lost fiancé, Dawn's only reprieve from madness comes from time spent with a reckless woman who serves as a soldier.

Angie tries to help Dawn out of her shell and back into life and love until she herself is lost on a mission. Unable to cope with another loss, Dawn finds strength from within and refuses to take no for an answer. She wrestles control of the band of survivors and reminds them all of what it means to be human and how very valuable even a single life can be.

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