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Looking for other quality fantasy and sci-fi?

Sex Sells

A stand-alone novel that is a prequel to the Homeland series.

People meet in the strangest places. Internet dating, smoky bars, coffee shops, or while stalking a clueless woman in the hopes of violating their privacy and capturing intimate footage to sell on the Internet.

Seeking revenge, Cindy blackmails Rodney into giving her a cut of his profits. The more they are forced to work together the more confused Rodney becomes about her. From forced partners to accidental witnesses in a crime, Rodney and Cindy each face a decision - do they turn to each other or away from each other?

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Forbidden Love

James Knight was a man with a job, a trust fund, and a rocking girlfriend. Life was perfect and wedding rings seemed to be on the horizon. Then a new girl started at the gym and his soon-to-be-fiance, Karen, started spending more and more time with her. Shopping trip after shopping trip led to plotting behind his back.

Before he knew it James had a mistress he didn't want and a company full of workers depending on him to save them. Torn between past and present lives, James doesn't know who he can trust until Special Agent Towers from Homeland Security knocks on his door. It's a knock he wished he'd never answered.

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Broken Slipper

Special Agent Sarah Ford hated her desk and she hated her life. She'd been stuck behind it for a year thanks to the dark cloud that followed her every move. She knew it was there and so did her superiors— at least the ones that survived her last case.

When her request to be returned to the field was granted she jumped at the chance at redemption. The catch? She had to rely on her skills earned while putting herself through college as a hair stylist. Immersing herself back into the realm of cosmetology would soon be the least of her concerns.

Sarah, with the new name and wild hair of washed up wannabe actress Misty West, was needed to investigate rumors of a threat to national security in Phoenix, Arizona. Her agency secured a position for her in the most unlikely of places to learn more— working for Digital Treasures, an adult multimedia company that specialized in voyeurism and exhibitionism.

With a new partner fresh in the field from training, Misty finds herself in deeper than ever before. Juggling her duty and her ragged emotions is a full time job, let alone the things she begins to discover that threaten to not only shatter who she is, but the lives of countless others.

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