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Into the Dark

Aden Garrett is fresh out of security academy and looking for a little excitement. A little more than walking security at local space station bars and a little less than the job that got him kicked out of the academy.

Meshelle and Janna are Vagnosian sisters that run a small transport and special operations ship, and they're looking to replace a fallen crew member.

Chance brings them together and puts them work for one of the mysterious Kesari merchants who's looking for some expendable assets for a special job. It's a perfect match, except the crew of the Uma, Janna's ship, doesn't agree to being disposed of when the job is done.

What follows is a game of cat and mouse through the galaxy with twists and turns at every solar system. Lost alien civilizations, six limbed insectoid warriors, plasma rifles, and more await. Much, much more…

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Out of the Dark

The crew of the Uma has returned a forgotten technology to the universe. Technology so advanced and mysterious it changes everything. Fire breathing aliens and people able to move objects with their minds are only the beginning of the genetic mutations taking place.

The crew of the Uma have firsthand experience with the forgotten technology of the lost Ampythean race. The only others are the Kesari, the secretive merchant race that controls travel throughout the universe. And the Kesari don't like competition.

The race is on. The Uma and its crew have a price on their head in the billions of credits. They possess knowledge worth ten times that, but finding someone to sell it to is proving to be even more difficult. With the Kesari closing in they are running out of hope and out of places to hide.

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Chasing the Dark

Chasing of the Dark is book three in the Dark Universe setting by Jason Halstead

Aden and Twyf, human and Tassarian lovers, are running for their lives. An entire alien race, the Kesari, are chasing them across the universe with the intent of retrieving the artifacts they stole and insuring the secrets they've learned are never shared.

While they stay one step ahead of the Tassarians, the universe continues to change around them. They've unleashed a long forgotten energy that is disrupting everything, from genetics to the laws of physics. The secrets to the mysterious energy lie in the artifacts they have, and the key to unlocking them may very well be in the Terran Naval station Aden grew up in.

The Kesari won't be denied so easily, however. Aden and his friends have to race against a race with technology so superior it might as well be magic. Magic the Kesari intend to use to one inevitable end: destroy Aden, Twyf, and everyone else that has come in contact with them.

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Dark Star

Dark Star is book four in the Dark Universe setting by Jason Halstead

The Kesari, a very large and very angry alien race of squid like beings, has managed to split Aden and Twyf apart from their companions. Their only hope is to keep moving to avoid the patrols of Criknids, a race of insectoid soldiers that serve the Kesari, and bounty hunters that have crawled out from behind ever forgotten rock. Every system brings a new challenge they have to face and overcome. Every incoming communication promises a dire threat.

Seph and Sierra were forced in another direction, the only one possible to save the life of the critically injured Terran. The consequences of recovering are beyond anything anyone alive in the universe could imagine, save for the man who's been through it himself, Niko.

The heroes that have threatened the tyrannical hold the Kesari have over the universe are scattered across the galaxy and struggling to survive. Even more, they have to sort out who they are and who they can trust if they hope to live long enough to continue the fight.

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Shades of Dark

For Aden and Twyf, a human and his Tassarian lover, the time has come for them to have a few moments to themselves. The moment is spoiled by a surprise attack launched by the Kesari. Their goal? Destroy anyone and everyone seeking to upset the control they've established over the universe.

The thing about heroes is that, no matter how unlikely or unwilling, they don't go down without a fight. Bloodied by the assault and the loss of their friends, Aden and his remaining friends must set out to do the impossible: Topple an alien regime.

Hopelessly outnumbered and facing superior technology, Aden, Twyf, Sierra, and Seph have run out of tricks and luck. Will running on sheer willpower alone in an alien universe amidst uncertain allies be enough?

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Lucky Star

Brindal and Ellena are Terrans lured to an alien world with the promise of a new way of life and equality among the races. Potential for all, regardless of race, gender, or belief. The reality was far from the truth, especially when Ellena showed her first signs of mutation.

Mutated beings- those whose latent powers are awakened with the resurgence of alien energy brought about by the return of the Ampythean race- are hunted and taken away. Their fate is unknown, but nobody has heard from them since.

As Ellena's powers grow and she fails to control them, they are left with no choices but to throw away their lives and run. They have to find a way with no weapons and no friends to get off the planet before the Vagnosian army catches them. If they can manage that, then they can hope for a better future among the stars.

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The squid-like Kesari have a new weapon that will win the interstellar war and plunge the universe back into darkness. The prototype is on Kondara IV, a swampy planet in an out of the way solar system that has been torn apart by the terrors of war.

Dominic Packard had a lifetime of service and nothing but his team of semi-loyal mercs to show for it. A tip from a Kondoran led to an opportunity the aging mercenary couldn’t resist. A payday beyond his wildest dreams. All he needed was a plan, a fast ship, and a buyer. He had one of those. It was a start.

Instead of a fast ship he found the a near-derelict with a rogue of a captain that had his own hidden agenda. Mutual survival put the two men on a crash course that led them through one problem into another. Surviving his own team and the forces sent after him will require more than luck, Dominic will need to decide what really matters to him. And if that’s not enough, he can always unleash their own weapon against them, no matter the consequences.

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Under the Dark

The war is over. The Kesari have been driven to the deepest and darkest recesses of the galaxy, but evil never quits. Constant vigilance is the mission of the Unified Intra-Species Task Force. Constant vigilance reinforced with overwhelming force and swift retribution gained by superior technology.

Amidst the chaos in the Milky Way everyone else wants to return to their version of normal. Trading, manufacturing, entertaining, stealing... everybody has a different idea of normal. For Amber Hanes, captain of the Uma, normal is struggling to meet the stiff contractual payments of the ship's owner while taking approved contracts. For Aden Garrett, captain of the Sentinel, normal is trying to forget what the Terran Navy did to him so he can live a good life with his wife and crew.

The paths of Amber and Aden are too intertwined with the war to escape unnoticed. They've been involved in too much and now that the Terran Corporatocracy has taken control of the Unified Intra-Species Task Force, they must each find their way to stay out of the fighting. The galaxy learned a lesson about letting one species have too much power... and now that the Terrans went from a primitive species to a dominant military force the rest of the Milky Way might just remind them of their place.

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