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Isle of the Ape

The war is over before it fully began and peace has settled across the northlands. The balance has shifted from destruction to growth. From hate to love. With a wedding in Alto's future, the time to relax and rejoice has come at last. Relaxation, however, breeds boredom for men trained to fight.

A short trip to slake the thirst for adventure takes Alto, Patrina, and Namitus to the deserted tropical isle of Britanly. Ignoring the warnings of sailors, they hope to find out what happened to the once thriving population.

Abandoned on the island, they soon learn that the fate of the people of Britanly is beyond their wildest imaginings. The companions must struggle to survive the hostile island and hope that help will arrive before they stuffer the same fate as those who came before them.

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Chasing the Dragon

Defeating the dragon scattered her armies to the holes of the earth. There the evil forces waited, seeking the fall of the champion that had taken their deity from them. Alto had proven himself too strong a foe to confront full on, but he had also proven to be a man with weaknesses.

Alto must put aside his desire for peace when he learns that he himself has delivered his sister into the hands of his enemy. With the help of friends to stubborn to abandon him he will venture into the heart of a strange land filled with people who care little for his deeds. To save the lives of thousands he must put aside his desire for peace and seek out the stronghold of his enemy.

Yet the ghosts of the past have little regard for the trials and tribulations of the victors. Out of chaos and disorder a new power seeks to rise up while an old foe has become more bitter. To what lengths will the Order of the Dragon go to slake their thirst for revenge?

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Sands of Betrayal

Alto's choices have led him through ruin and victory. His friends and his enemies are among the most dedicated the world has ever seen. From farm boy to champion, Alto has excelled where no one else has dared to venture.

Now the young Thane must fight through the broken remnants of the Order of the Dragon and the city of Mira to rescue his imprisoned sister. She's being held for the death of her husband, a minor royal who married her under false pretenses. Alto must save her and find a way to abort the massing armies that threaten to overwhelm the northern nations.

But first his enemies give him a choice, save the woman he loves or save his sister. Only he can decide who must die so that the other may live.

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With the Order of the Dragon in retreat Alto's thoughts turn to home and his future with his betrothed, Lady Patrina of Kelgryn. But the future, once a shining light guiding him through a dark tunnel, has grown cloudy with indecision and confusion.

One last torch in the darkness remains, directing him to revisit some of his darkest times and put to rest the ghosts of his past. The ghosts he finds are more than memories, they've been given flesh and blood and are reaching out from beyond for him.

Defeated but not destroyed, the silver dragon has been watching and waiting. Her plans, years in the making, are coming to fruition. Only one man dares to defeat her, but Alto is the man she waits for so that she may spring her trap and rule from her mountain throne forever.

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